Throwback Thursday #33 – Going to the Movies

My sincere apologies to the wonderful bloggers that participate in this prompt. I must especially apologize to Maggie. After receiving responses from people who voiced an opinion, Maggie and I decided to make these prompts in April more generic, without specific questions. Please feel free to elaborate however you feel. As always you can:

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My choice for this week’s prompt is: Going to the Movies. 

Do you remember specific times you went to indoor movies or drive in theatres? Do you remember the first time for either? Do you remember going with friends and not parents? Please share one or more experiences about going to the movies.
Please remember this is a family friendly blog.

As a little kid, a special treat was to go to the drive-in movie theater. My brothers and I were in our PJs ready to drift off to sleep. We would arrive before it was dark. My younger brother and I would run up to the playground and get out lots of energy before the movie even started. It was a blast.  My mom would bring a large paper grocery bag filled with buttered popcorn. I can still smell it. Yum. We also had a large pitcher of Kool-Aid and plastic cups.   

There were always cartoons before the movie started. They of course, were sprinkled between advertisements for goodies sold at the concession stand. There were always two full length feature films. Most of the time we only made it through the first one before drifting off to sleep. Mom never left until the last kid was sound asleep. Yay mom!   

We would occasionally go to the indoor theatre when I was older. I distinctly remember wanting to go see Mary Poppins with my little brother and not my mom. I was ten and she was hesitant about letting us go alone. I finally talked her in to it though. We were dropped off in front of the theater with the money for the tickets and a dime (in case of an emergency). My mom told us what time she would be back in the same spot to pick us up.

We had gone to the grocery store and packed my purse with three candy bars each. We found seats easily.  I felt so very grown up. We watched the cartoons and then the wonderful Mary Poppins movie. Here’s where I goofed up. We left the theater without realizing there was another short movie afterwards included in the viewing price. It would be an hour before my mom came to get us. I was totally freaked out, but didn’t want to scare my little brother. I mustered up the courage to ask where there was a pay phone so I could call my mom. I had never used a pay phone before. I managed to do it right and my mom came quickly to rescue us. She didn’t even give me a lecture. Her only remark was that if I paid for two movies, I should stay for two movies. I was extremely relived at not being scolded.

The Segregated Past of Drive-In Movie


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  1. I loved drive-in movies. Such a great time. We, too, often dressed in our pajamas and played on the swing sets. I can still remember that distinct sound of the speaker attached to the car window. I saw Mary Poppins at the drive-in with my parents and my three siblings. I was mesmerized!

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