The Perfect Crime

Sadje’s What Do You See prompt is making me think a little differently today.

Image credit: Yana Hurskaya Unsplash   
For the visually challenged reader, this image shows an earthen jug filled with red tulips. The vase/ jug is sitting on old stone steps.

I took a cleaning job at the mansion.  It didn’t take me too long to find the hidden contraband.  The boss lady had no idea of the stolen wares her husband was concealing. I had to think of the perfect way to get the precious heirlooms back to their rightful owner.

Every Friday night the head of the household would leave for a weekend “business trip.” That was my cue to remove a piece from the secret room. I was always encouraged to remove the flowers from the day-old bouquets.

Traveling on public transport would dangerous if anyone knew what I had. No one would think anything odd about taking an old pot with flowers to a dear friend. I would leave the gift on the steps of the rightful owner. Only they knew the significance of my gift.

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