Rory’s Weekend Quickie Questions

Rory is back with his Weekend Quickie Questions. Yippee for questions I can answer. I hope Rory grades on a curve. LOL

10 Questions for you to answer as you so see fit!
1) Is political correctness too politically correct? It can be over the top. It is always correct to be polite and not defame anyone for their race, religion, disability, or gender. If I ask someone about their wife/husband partner, it does not mean I am being prejudiced against them. If they correct me, and I continue to say the wrong thing, then I am guilty. If I chose to call myself fat, that is my choice. If someone else identifies me instead as overweight, I am still holding onto the pounds.

2) What are you good at? I’m good at many things. I believe I am a good mom and grandma. I think I was a good daughter. I am a good friend. I am good at caring for my fur baby. I am good at scrapbooking, sewing, gardening, baking, and making my bowling ball art.
3) How did you learn to deep kiss? [which is different to pecking] I learned to french with a cute, outcast, guy in high school. While I had had a few other experiences, they were not as wonderful. That guy had me twitterpated to say the least. 
4) When was the last time you took an unexpected turn and where did it take you? I recently drew a line in the sand which was very unexpected. It took me to a place of isolation. I’m still happy I took my stand. 

5) What are the benefits to having a purple front door? I would be very happy, that’s a benefit. People could find my house, that’s a benefit. My favorite color would be on display, and that’s a benefit.

6) What patterns don’t mix, and why not, or can you mix anything and get away with it with ease? Don’t ever mix plaids with stripes or polka dots, in my opinion. That being said, you do you and I’ll do me. 

7) BDSM stands for what? Sexual activities I have no interest in.

8) How do you know that you are smiling right when you are smiling? I never thought there was a wrong way to smile. 

9) When was the last time you hung a picture and what was it of? I hung a picture called Jerusalem, by Linnea Pergola. It was purchased off eBay. A first for me.
10) You have two choices, the blue or the red pill. Which one do you take and why? I protest and take none because I still have trouble taking pills.

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  1. Twitterpated is a word l haven’t used in absolute eons or since the dinosaurs – nicely used!

    You’ll certainly stand out from the crowds in your plaids with stripes or polka dots or not as you’ll not be mixing those together 🙂

    Good answers Lauren.

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