Throwback Thursday #31 – Technology Influences

Maggie is hosting Throwback Thursday today. Please visit her site to read about all the ways to participate in the prompt.

This week’s prompt is: Technology Influences. The post this week might benefit from the use of photos! Just remember to give credit where credit is due!

You can use the questions that follow to spark your memories or you can answer them as they stand. It is totally up to you.

  1. What kind of technology existed around your house as a child?
  2. What technology do you remember coming into your home for the first time?
  3. What kind of televisions or radios did you have – post pictures if you can find them.
  4. How did music technology change in your lifetime? When was the last time you purchased music? In what form was the music?
  5. Did you have a home computer? If so, what was it? Did you have a webcam? Did you stream content with it?
  6. What kind of phone did you have? Do you have a landline today?
  7. Did you have toys with integrated technology, robots, automation, etc?
  8. What technology ‘blew your mind’?
  9. When did you get your first cell phone? What brand and model was it? Did you carry a pager?
  10. Is there any current technology you refuse to own or have in your home?

As a kid, we had a huge piece of furniture that housed our turntable, speakers, and radio. It was not very high tech. It seemed rather squeaky to me. I did enjoy the radio though. We also had a TV in a large bulky piece of furniture. I remember the TV was in color. My mom had bio dad buy her a color TV.  Because we had it, she was often able to get free babysitters. The TV had an antennae, wire hangers covered in foil, and some semicircle thing attached to it also. Smacking the TV on the side seemed to be the best way to get it to clear up the picture. I have no idea what type of TV or radios we had.

I was given a clock radio at 10. It was great because I could listen to my own music in my bedroom. Before that I had an alarm that played “Oh What A Beautiful Morning.” It was lovely, but I liked the blasting of rock and roll more. I had 45s as my choice of music to purchase. When I was 13 bio-dad visited and bought me s portable record player and 3 albums. I was floating on air. I had an 8 track player in my AMC Hornet. My older brother had reel to reel tapes that I thought were very cool. I also had cassette tapes everywhere. I remember recording music off the radio. It was almost impossible to not get commercials on the tape. When CD’s came around, I never understood why anyone would buy them with a single song on it. My favorite music device was my iPod. It had thousands of my favorite songs on it. It was stolen a few months ago. I am still upset about that. I haven’t purchased music in a long time. The last time I did, it was CDs on Amazon. I can’t recall exactly what it was though.

A neighbor got the first microwave on our street when I was a kid. It blew out the electricity on the block, a few times. That made my mom not want a microwave for a very long time. I believe I had a microwave oven before my mom did. It took up a great deal of counter space in my tiny kitchen.

It seems like a million years that I was teaching 2nd graders to use computers. I was usually just a day or two head of them on the steep learning curve. They each had a large black floppy disk that was housed in an even larger envelope. I was required to teach them some basics. I did not have a computer at home, at the time.   I went back to school for my master’s degree after having taught for five years. They had a computer lab you could sign up to use for writing papers. It was strictly writing papers and doing homework. Then you would print it out. There was no research or internet usage at the time. I worked all day, went to school at night, and then wrote papers in the lab on the weekend. It sure beat using my electric typewriter and more whiteout than anyone should ever use. I think that using the internet for my lessons was the greatest tech asset to me. I could look things up at a moments notice if I felt my lesson wasn’t going the way I wanted. 

I didn’t get a computer at home until very late in the game. I was allowed to bring my large Mac Desktop home on the weekends when teachers were finally given one per classroom. The district abandoned Macs when a new tech supervisor at the district was more comfortable with PCs. He felt they could be upgraded easier. By the time I left teaching, each classroom had a computer cart housed in the room. The cart housed 40 laptops for the students to use. The teachers were always the last to get new computers.

My last two computers were the only ones with a camera on them. I needed that feature because I joined in on Zoom calls. Just this month I finally signed up for a Zoom membership of my own. I am typically numerous steps behind the rest of the world. 

I have never had a pager. I did not understand why people needed a cell phone, especially in their cars. Now, I won’t leave the house without my phone. I have never had an iPhone. Androids are enough for me. I do not have a landline. It seems like an unnecessary expense. As a kid we had one phone, on the wall, in the kitchen. It was yellow. It was a party line for years. When they changed it to a single line it made us feel so important. As a kid, the only people I talked to on the phone, were my grandparents. Kids didn’t call kids.   

I refuse to have Alexa in my home. The last time my daughter moved it, she brought hers with her. I did not like the feeling of being listened to all the time. It is just not my comfort level. 

12 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday #31 – Technology Influences

  1. It’s funny to think about the color TV being a draw for a babysitter. I remember my sister taking care of the neighbor’s little girl so she could watch their TV. I had also forgotten about trying to record off the radio. What a trip! It made me think I trying to be the 4th or the first caller on the radio to win their contests. I would dial all but the last number until they opened the lines, then I would dial the last number. Ha! I won a few, but not sure that was why.

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  2. We had a TV in our house when I got to thirteen but it was black and white. We only got a colour TV when hubby and I had been married about 5years! Our sons were way more than we were!. I also loved cassettes and my walkman followed by a discman! 💜💜💜

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  3. So much has changed in our lifetimes! When I was a child we had black and white only on TV with three stations. Moving the desktop every weekend must have been a lot of work. I still don’t have an automatic dishwasher and don’t think I’d want Alexa in my home either.

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