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It’s Saturday evening. I’ve had a busy do nothing day.   Linda Stream of Consciousness Saturday is part of my Saturday to do list. .Linda has given us this prompt.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “comp.” Find a word that starts with or contains “comp” and use it in your post. Enjoy!”

It’s been a strange week, no month. My time has been packed with numerous long-distance calls. The calls have been filled with compassion, commiserating, and solving complicated issues. While on the 3,000-mile drive, my SO kept in the loop to help make decisions as needed. Thank goodness for having the internet on the phone, as he did not take his computer. He has dealt with all of this remarkably well. He hit the ground running as soon as he arrived at her house. There were complex family issues taking place while dealing with incompatible personalities. It’s a little scary when I am the one with the level head.

He is not one to comparison shop for much of anything. His mother was driving him a little crazy looking at flowers for hours and hours. He quietly complied with her request to look at book after book of options. We do not believe in having flowers at a funeral. This made it more complicated for him. He had to deal with what is foreign to him. He took a break from the books to reach out to me for a compassionate ear. I am happy to oblige whenever he calls. I made a point to compliment him on doing such great mitzvahs for his mom.

They managed to get everything completed on time. (Not that you have a choice when it comes to a funeral.) Programs were designed on the computer and printed. They were just what his dad would have wanted. Food was ordered. The minister was booked. (I’m not sure if that term is correct. I just know that the date and time were changed three times to accommodate his schedule.) Flowers were ordered. There was a problem between the delivery time and the time the church opened its doors. My SO volunteered to go to the church before they were open. He accepted the delivery and sat in his car babysitting flowers. When they opened the church, he followed his mother’s directions and placed them where she wanted.  

There was a lovely turn out which made his mom happy. No one asked why my SO was wearing a kippah. Perhaps they accepted that anyone wearing a Star of David would be doing so. He began his talk by reciting a Hebrew prayer. He said his goodbyes by retelling some memorable childhood experiences.

He made sure to mention the fact that his need for speed when driving came from his dad. The story is pretty funny. It seems that decades ago my SO and his sister would sit in the back of the car with binoculars. They were on the lookout for Swedish air police helicopters. It seems his mom and dad, with crash helmets on, would race along numerous roads in their souped up race car. A perfect example of apple/tree in the making.

I have been avoiding my computer lately. I have well over a hundred blogs in my reader that need to be read. I have over 300 emails in my inbox. I have about forty Facebook items to look at too. When I have a minute or two, I look at my phone and try to read or delete a few things. More often than not, I then play solitaire because it is a great escape.  I have a compulsion to try and keep my inbox free of unread items. When I open WordPress and it says there are sixty new posts, I get a little freaked out. Right now I am giving myself grace to not worry about what is lurking on my computer.



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  1. You’d die if you knew how many emails are sitting unread on mine. I am a little freaked out by the amount. But I keep telling myself I will get to them some time. Hope your ok, stay safe. Xx

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  2. It’s not easy or fun to get things organized for a funeral, but somehow it all gets done.
    For the emails, I want to read them all, but it’s impossible, so every so often I just have to delete a bunch and start over, especially when the count is up to around 250 to 300! 🙂

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  3. The funeral arrangements take up so much strength and time.
    There is no point in wasting energy on the emails delete us ….we will not take offense we will still be here for you when you are ready.
    How many times have I been here weeping and wailing because I can’t cope! ? You waited until I was ready then welcomed me back! An empty email box is good for the soul once in a while.
    Be kind to yourself 💜💜💜💜

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  4. Treat yourself with grace. You will not offend any one or miss much by passing over some unread emails and blog posts. Self care when you are grieving is so important.

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  5. Your SO did a wonderful job helping his mom, and I know your support helped. As far as pending emails go, don’t worry. To maintain my sanity, I had to stop getting notifications about new blog posts. Remember the time before personal computers and take care of you.

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