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At d’Verse, poets, Mish asks us to pay homage to the hat in a poem. Metaphorically, we’ve all worn hats! Child. Parent. Grandparent. Career. Poet. Friend. Use one as your muse.
OR you can approach the idea of a hat to symbolize something even more abstract. Are you wearing a hat of forgiveness, reflection, self-pity, support, adventure, hope, bravery, justice, generosity?

Oh, the many hats I’ve worn
under the guise of an educator’s wide brim
That of a nurse
who tends to small injuries
That of a writer
who develops lessons
That of an artist
who creates bulletin boards
That of a proctor
who watches over examinations
That of a file clerk
who records test results and progress
That of a therapist
who listens to the heartbreaks
That of a motivator
who encourages success
That of a hygienist
who reinforces cleanliness
That of a counselor
who guides young minds
That of a diplomat
who resolves conflicts
That of a custodian
who cleans up daily after lessons
That of a researcher
who finds new information
That of a time manager
who accomplishes the impossible
That of a careers advisor
who offers options unknown
That of a surrogate mom
who shows that the students are important
That of a word processor
who creates lessons and lab instructions
That of a project manager
who creates group work to involve all
That of a budget manager
who uses their own money to supplement lessons
That of a computer technician
who manages 40 students on laptops
I left that hat on my teacher’s desk when I retired

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