Sarah Needs To Job Hunt

Inflation had taken a humungous toll on Sarah’s bank account. She was already foregoing all her extravagant self-pampering expenses. She was angry that she had to stop buying all the potions and lotions that made her feel lovely. She was aware that she no longer had a choice in the matter.

After realizing that the incident at the bar was not an unusual phenomenon in her job search, Sarah knew she had to reevaluate her tactics. She could no longer ignore the obvious. She needed answers as to how to fix the situation. It was time to stop sticking her head in the sand, like an ostrich.  No more procrastinating, she told herself. Doing the same thing over and over again was exacerbating the situation. She thought of some specific things she could do to help in her job search. She needed to rewrite her resume, adjust her attitude, and march herself to every respectable  job opportunity listed in the paper.

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