SoCS – March 12 – The Trip No One Wants To Make

Linda is our host for SoCS which allows us to just go with flow as we write. As I started reading other’s responses this morning I tried to narrow down what I might write about. I thought about some glorious trips I have had the pleasure to take. I thought about weekly trips to my acupuncture treatments. And of the course, the mundane necessary trips to the grocery store. But I decided instead to write about the trip my SO’s family are taking now.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “trip.” Use it any way you’d like.  

It’s the trip no one wanted to take.
The get together no one ever looks forward to.
Family from different parts of the US traveling to Canada.
My S.O. is on his way driving the 3,000 miles.
Last night, Flagstaff, 7 hours and 450 miles after teaching all day.
My nieces are driving up on Monday, arriving on Tuesday.
A memorial photo montage is being created.
Today is the meeting with the director.
The family will assist via a private messenger group.
I keep in contact remotely through the group. 
My sadness for the family is immense.
I know too well the feelings of loss and grief.

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