Rory’s Weekend Quickies

I always enjoy answering Rory’s  Weekend Quickie questions.

1) Have you ever had the desire to holiday in a nudist camp? [OR have you holidayed in a nudist camp anyway?
I would not vacation in the nude.
I’d have a terrible attitude.
I would not go nude in someone’s house.
I’d not go nude near a mouse.
I’d not go nude on a boat.
I’d not go nude near a goat.
I’d not go nude here or there.
I’d not go nude hardly anywhere.
I would go nude in the water.
I would go nude near an otter.

2) When was the last time you ironed an item of clothing? I think it was a few weeks ago. I ironed because I find it relaxing. Nothing I own NEEDS to be ironed, but sometimes I do it for the fun of it.

3) If your clothes could talk, what would they tell us about you? My clothes would say that they are lonely. They would say I rarely buy clothes and keep things forever.

4) When was the last time you rode on a bicycle? It’s been over 40 years. When my feet stopped working and my knee kept giving out, I gave up the bike.

5) How well do you manage your time? I am a pro. I do what I want, when I want and I am rarely late for anything.

6) Do you shine your shoes and if so is this daily or weekly and if not, why not? I wear orthopedic walking shoes and orthopedic sandals exclusively. No shoe shining for me.

7) What makes for the perfect cup of coffee [or tea] in your opinion – is there a secret to the brewing process? I never ever drink coffee or tea. The perfect cup of hot chocolate is 195 degrees F with no foam and sometimes with whipped cream. A dash of cinnamon is a good touch also.

8) Can you open a bottle with your teeth? My teeth are too bad to have ever tried. 

9) What do you consider to be the top five drawbacks to being abducted by extra-terrestrials?

  1. Leaving my family and Annie
  2. Being a human Guinea pig
  3. Lack of communication
  4. Fear
  5. Wondering if I ever get to return

10) How painful do you believe it might be to lie on a bed of nails? Too painful to ever try

Bonus Question: What is the most useless, and what is the most helpful color in your opinion and why? It depends. If you are talking house colors, white is the most useful because you can add bright trim to make it your own. Black is the most useless color on a house because it would feel depressing.  If you are talking clothing, black is the most useful because it goes with everything. Fluorescent green, yellow, pink, or orange are the most useless colors in clothes because they are too loud. IMHO


14 thoughts on “Rory’s Weekend Quickies

  1. “Oh l say,
    …. you’ve quite made my day!”
    Writing under the guise,
    …. of the great Seuss,
    With your charming verse and apprize,
    For the word ‘nude’ with added spruce!
    However, l think with regards your attitude,
    …. towards the said word of Nude,
    It might well be the prelude,
    Towards naked solitude!
    My thanks to you, Lauren,
    … for your day of jest,
    Upon nudity so foreign,
    With your quick-wittedness!

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    1. Thanks for the lovely reply Rory. I wrote yesterday but had the wrong link. I corrected it this morning.

      So you don’t think that I’m a prude
      Here’s more thoughts of being nude.
      Now at home I have a different stance
      I’d much prefer to wear no pants
      I never need to wear a vest
      In fact I prefer to stay undressed
      Wearing clothing is such a bore
      Unless someone comes near my door.
      I’ll answer if my hairs a mess
      But first I’ll slip into a dress

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