Truthful Tuesday – Projects, Projects, and More Projects

For today’s Truthful Tuesday question, Frank asks:

“When it comes to working on a project, what gives you the most satisfaction? Starting something new, putting time into a pet project, or finally being able to push a completed project into the “done” pile?”

When I first retired, I’d have to say that starting new projects was the best part of all. I was able to do tons of things that had been on the back burner forever. I accomplished some very big projects redoing rooms, painting rooms, sewing quilts, making scrapbooks, purging closets, etc.

It’s different now. I have way too many UFOs on my to do list. I have quilts that are started, scrapbooks for various years started, sewing projects started, bowling balls started, repurposing objects started, photo piles started, exterior painting started, the garage clean out started,  etc. I know I can do things at my leisure. I’ll start something, then decide before I’m finished that I want to work on something else.

Right now, it’s all about the done pile. In my head, I give myself a hip hip hooray when I actually finish something.

I planted five packages of sunflower seeds today. I knew if I didn’t get my act in gear I would lose the opportunity to grow them. I can hardly wait for them to sprout.

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