Share Your World – March 7

Melanie is back with her wonderful Share Your World questions. My Monday is not complete without answering her questions. I am going to try and get these completed before heading off to PT.

Two Hands

1) What’s The Strangest Thing In Your Refrigerator? Others would probably think that my jar of pickle juice without pickles is strange. I use it as a seasoning for both chicken (A la Chick Fill A) and when making burgers.

2) Would You Rather Hear The Music Of Johann Sebastian Bach Played By A Barbershop Quartet, Or A Heavy Metal Band? A heavy metal band for sure.

3) If You Could Erase One Event From History, Which One Would You Erase? The Holocaust 

4) If Your Food Is Bad At A Restaurant, Do You Say Something? If it’s less than great, I’ll say nothing. If it’s bad I’ll push it aside and say something.

GRATITUDE SECTION (as always, optional): On one side of the earth we’re facing upcoming Spring, and on the other Autumn.   What positive or uplifting thought do these changes bring to you?

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9 thoughts on “Share Your World – March 7

  1. Thank you Lauren for Sharing Your World and some beautiful Springtime flowers! I love that poem! ❤ Pickle juice isn't so strange (to me), but mine's usually in there because I've eaten the last pickle and need to clean out the fridge! Your idea for use is AWESOME! The Holocaust is the far leading front runner of events that should be eradicated. But I liked what Sadje said too! I think it is diplomatic to say nothing about the so-so meal, but am firmly for speaking up if it's truly bad too! Have a great week! 🙂

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    1. Thanks Melanie. It actually is comforting to me to know others also wish the Holocaust never happened. I’ve read enough to believe it has altered the genes of Jewish people everywhere.
      I hope you have a more uplifting week .


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