A mishmash of thoughts on Ukraine

It is so hard to live with this tragedy going on. Everyone can & should do something.

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Showing solidarity with Ukraine

Earlier today, I noticed a Ukrainian flag graphic on WildChild47’s (Pat’s) blog, and, liking the idea, I added a flag to the right-side column of my own blog with the words (borrowed from Pat):

in solidarity with Ukraine –
на солідарність з Україною

Well, I suppose that now everyone can be certain that I’m a kind, compassionate person, right?

Still, this symbolic gesture does make me feel better… at least I’m not pretending that this disastrous, evil, pointless war isn’t happening, as some people whom I personally know would have us believe. Can you fathom that there could eventually be some four million Ukrainian refugees⁉️

This is also why much of my recent poetry here at The Skeptic’s Kaddish and on my Twitter account have related to the megalomaniacal Vladimir Putin and the cruel death and destruction that he’s been wreaking on the sovereign State…

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2 thoughts on “A mishmash of thoughts on Ukraine

  1. Such heartbreaking truths. I cannot go through any of my day without thinking about what the people of Ukraine are experiencing and the knowledge withheld from the citizens of Russia. And the fact the mouth of the south touts his support of Putin is reprehensible.

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