Sunday Snapshot: Such A Pleasant Sound

A new blog for me. This is  a reply to Marian Allen’s writing prompt:
“What is pleasant to one is unpleasant to another and vice versa. Write about a pleasant sound.”
 Annie came into our home when I was still teaching. I would typically feed her in the morning unless I was already gone before her breakfast time. Then my spouse took care of it. She had her morning cuddles, conversation, and a filled water dish along with her breakfast. Playtime came after I got home. She was always happy to go fetch her ball time and time again, until she got tired. 

Now that I am retired, there is no mandatory time to get up. I don’t sleep much (not that I don’t want to) and if I have fallen back asleep. past her 6 am breakfast time she lets me know. I awake to a furry face staring at me wondering why she was not fed on her body’s time clock. Of course I arise to take care of her.

I blame myself for giving Annie a new routine.  I started playing outside with her every morning after her breakfast. She was thrilled to have morning play time as well as the usual afternoon time too. She has quite a collection of tennis balls, chew toys, ropes, etc. When I learned that she loved squeaky toys I added to her collection. My dear cousin bought her a lambchop squeaky soft toy. She loves it so very much. Then my grandson bought her a Hanukkah squeaky soft toy. She loved it too. Whenever I go get her dog food from the pet store I buy Annie a squeaky toy.

Now Annie has a new routine. If I don’t go outside quickly enough for her in the mornings, she runs out the doggie door and brings in louder and louder squeaky toys. The sound makes me happy. It is obnoxious to others, but to me it is pleasant. It is pleasant because she deserves to be played with. It is pleasant because I am happy that she has trained me so well. I’ll continue to keep buying her more squeaky toys so I can hear the pleasant noise she makes.



16 thoughts on “Sunday Snapshot: Such A Pleasant Sound

  1. It’s amazing how they adapt to us. If I’m not getting ready quickly enough in the morning, Maddie brings a toy to the gate.

    I’m glad you discovered Marian. I’ve been following her for years, but I’ve only done a few of her prompts. This one resonated with me.

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  2. Lauren, I love your response to the prompt! There’s no happier sound than a loved one celebrating joy. My late husband couldn’t take a nap unless he had classical music turned up to blasting. It used to irritate me, but I’m glad to say I came to love it, because it meant he was relaxed and happy.

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