Sunday Ramble March 6

I am responding today to E.M’s Sunday Ramble, Her topic this week is
“How Are You?“.

Here are the questions:
1) How is the weather where you are today? It’s chilly (60s) here today.
2) What is the perfect weekend vibe for you and yours? In a perfect non-Covid world my weekend would be spent at the beach with grandkids. A picnic would be taken. Waves would be splashed in. Then a stop of at Portillos for their famous hot dogs and hamburgers. The evening would end with watching a movie and eating popcorn snuggling on the couch.

3) What song is the theme song of your world today?

4) What color encompasses how you feel today? Today is light blue. Sadness for the world, yet hopeful signs of spring showing its presence and presents.

5) What is something that makes you feel good today? I felt good prepping packages for my grandkids for St. Patrick’s Day. I have a fair bit of Irish blood and even before I knew that, I loved St. Patrick’s day.  I found some chocolate leprechauns for the grands and chocolate gold coins of course.

I an enjoying the daffodils sharing their beauty every day. The more that bloom, the more joy I have.

7 thoughts on “Sunday Ramble March 6

  1. That’s one of my favorite songs, Lauren, and many of us join you in feeling blue about the state of the world. I pray it all gets better. My sister has a good bit of Irish in her also, but I usually get all the pinches 😀 Thanks for joining me in rambles.

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