SoCS – Way To Go

Linda is our host for SoCS. She is on her 8th year offering the weekly prompt. Mazel Tov on your accomplishment. Our directions for today are:
“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “way to go.” Use it as a phrase or use it in its literal sense. Enjoy!”


I have been doing a lot of self-talk lately. Some of it, self-affirming and some self-deprecating.

Way to go, you worked too hard in the garden and hurt your back.
Way to go, you cleaned out the fridge after trash day.
Way to go, you forgot milk and had to make an extra trip to the store.
Way to go, you OK’d to have the pharmacy refill your inhaler before checking and you already had a spare.
Way to go, you watered your plants and got muddy overspray on your car.
Way to go, you mailed off your bills before the last one came in.

Way to go, you have been going to all your PT appointments and working hard.
Way to go, you finished all the Valentine’s candy you were given and didn’t go buy any more.
Way to go, you have been playing with Annie for extended periods every day.
Way to go, you fixed the vacuum cleaner all my yourself.
Way to go, you took Annie for a late night drive to the post office.
Way to go, you sent out Valentine’s cards on time.
Way to go, you bought St. Patrick’s day cards for the grandkids already.
Way to go, you cornered Annie and gave her a bath on a sunny day.
Way to go, you bought sunflower seeds to plant in the garden.
Way to go, you joined the zoom call you were eager to attend.
Way to go, you made post cards and sent them to the Library project Maggie told you about.



17 thoughts on “SoCS – Way To Go

  1. Looks like way more affirmable stuff than not. Cleaning out the frig any day and fixing the vacuum yourself are very commendable in my book. You sound like you use regular, aka snail, mail as much as I do.

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