Show Me The Money

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The chef decided to approach his rich friend to see if he would be interested in contributing his cash to expand the restaurant. To convince his friend to join in the new venture would not be an easy task. The chef knew he must be cagey about how he approached the subject of money. He decided to invite his potential investor to dinner on a very busy night to show how popular his restaurant was.

The special evening arrived. There was a new apprentice hostess at the front of the restaurant. Her face was covered with a silly grin. It was less than the professional greeting he wanted his benefactor to receive.  He couldn’t help but frown at the situation. The chef approached the hostess and politely asked if there was some other duty she could attend to when his backer arrived. He did his best to not insinuate that she was incompetent. To keep the peace, the hostess did not make a disturbance. When the chef signaled that his friend had arrived, the hostess retreated to the kitchen.

WOTDC – rich
Your Daily Word Prompt – venture, cagey
#MVB-PROMPT – night
RDP – apprentice, peace
The Daily Spur – host, other, disturbance
Three Things Challenge – grin, frown
FOWC – insinuate

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  1. What a clever use of all those prompts! My goodness, I had no idea there were so many folks doing a daily word or words prompt! Great story, and a very discreet way of handling the situation too!

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