An insight into the Russian public

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My wife’s entire family lives in Russia, as do some of her friends and acquaintances. Also, she has friends and coworkers in Ukraine, which she travels to for work on a fairly regular basis.

Today, I was speaking to her about a Russian woman we know who has been brainwashed by Putin’s media machine for many years now. She accepts all of the Russian propaganda that she gets fed via all the major media channels and doesn’t think to seek other sources of information.

Innocently, just this evening, I said something to the effect of: “Even though she may believe that Ukraine should rightfully be part of Russia and that giving the Ukrainians freedom was a historic Russian mistake, I can’t imagine that she would support Putin’s launching a war against another country!”

My wife looked at me seriously and responded, “That assumes that she knows there’s a war going…

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6 thoughts on “An insight into the Russian public

  1. David’s articule was useful but none of it really comes as a surprise, does it?
    Right now, Putin will be telling his people that Russia has been attacked, and will rely on blocking out independent observers, so as to more effectively peddle his story.

    But, be aware, NATO does exactly the same to us. All the original images that came from Iraq or Afghanistan came from our governments, who were also peddling propaganda.

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