SoCS – Rest – February 26

Linda is our host for SoCS. She says:
Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “rest.” Use it any way you like. Enjoy!

SoCS is the best because all the rules are abandoned in favor of just going with the flow.

Retirement is awesome. It’s the best time I’ve had because I get to rest whenever I want too. I’ve never needed an alarm clock. I would always get up before I was required too. Now, it’s kind of humorous. I awake, feed Annie, and decide if I want to rest some more.  I might read blogs or go outside to play with Annie. I sometimes choose to go back to sleep. If I have a doctor or PT appointment, I set my phone alarm. It’s a different lifestyle for me now.

It took me quite a bit of time to allow myself to rest after retiring. I felt like I had to go, go, go, and accomplish all the things I had put off while working. I did too much for too long and ended up hurting myself in the process. I’ve changed that negative behavior. I am doing much better at listening to my body and pacing myself.

When the rest of the world is readying themselves for their daily lives I am deciding if, or what, I might want to do. The rest of the world waits for the weekend to get the rest they missed all week. Every day is a weekend day for me. (Sans the doc appts.) I am grateful that I can rest in the middle of the day if I choose. On warm days the best way to rest up is outside on my swing with Annie beside me.

There are days I need to rest up from the drama of the world. I don’t care to watch the news. I’ll read a few news reports which are less sensationalized than TV reports. I am easily overwhelmed by the chaos we are living in. I’d rather focus on the things I can control and ways I can help my fellow humans.

I’d be delighted if the rest of my days were spent in peace.

17 thoughts on “SoCS – Rest – February 26

  1. For a person who always has been on the go, resting and relaxing is a challenge. I am glad you’re getting there. I don’t listen to the news as it just spoils the day. Hugs.

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  2. Retirement can be luxurious. I love resting whenever the need arises. I am in agreement on the news. There is very little critical information I need to know. The rest can be fear mongering.

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      1. I retired in Nov 2019. When the company I had worked for went fully remote in March 2020, I was very happy to be retired. I think it was a strange time to retire. A friend of mine and I were going to visit museums in New England – little day trips – but that idea died on the vine.

        I can’t imagine how teachers got through this. Between actually having to teach under those circumstances, all the complaints from parents had to add enormous stress to the job.

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