Second Hand Toys Bring First Hand Joys

I decided I had to share the delightful pictures that Facebook and Shutterfly reminded me of today. Seeing the images again, filled me with joy. I couldn’t refrain from laughing at the original expressions of my youngest grandchild.

My daughter purchased a hundred balls for a ball pit she was making in an empty plastic swimming pool. Little Man expressed a desire to play in the balls after we washed them. We granted his wish and permitted him to climb into the tub. His expressions were priceless.

We tried in vain to get him to exit the tub. He would pretend to try and get out, then yell oops, and fall below the balls once again. The robust play time eventually tired him out. I could tell he needed a nap.

By the time he woke up, the balls were in the empty plastic pool waiting for more play time. We certainly got out money’s worth out of that purchase. We couldn’t beat the five-dollar expense of those used ball pit balls.

All the photos are mine and I hold the copyright to them.

Bathtub fun and joy 
Hiding in the wet wet toys
Overjoyed summer



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