SoCS Feb. 17

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Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “whatever.” Use the word “whatever” any way you’d like. Bonus points if you start your post with it. Have fun.

My first thought for this prompt was Doris Day, singing ‘Whatever will be will be.” It was the song my former mother-in-law would sing to her little girl as she was succumbing to cancer. 

Not wanting to go down that sad path, I remembered the constant WHATEVER phrase going around for years.  It was considered the number one annoying phrase for multiple years in the first 2000s. I should probably look for an example on YouTube.

To encourage my brain to think about something positive I started a list.
Whatever I can do to encourage closeness with family and friends, I am on board.
Whatever my sweet Annie wants, I try to provide.
Whatever happens in my future, I hope to be healthy enough to enjoy it.
Whatever goals I have, I need to put the work in to reach them.
Whatever I want to do with my life is up to me not anyone else.
Whatever I don’t get done today, can usually wait until tomorrow.
Whatever I have that I don’t want, I hope to donate to someone that can use it.
Purging whatever I don’t need has been a goal for a few years now.
I can spend my days doing almost whatever I want.
I can spend my days not doing whatever I don’t want to do.
I try to keep whatever I need for dinner in the fridge, so I don’t need to go out often.
I attempt to do whatever I can to reduce my pain levels.
I hope that whatever things I need to get lined up, I can accomplish, so that I can live by the beach.


8 thoughts on “SoCS Feb. 17

  1. I always thought of that song as happy but I can totally see it now as a sad song. I love your positive list. Honestly, with chronic pain it really is that cliche “one day at a time.” Hugs!

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      1. We are almost twins … I mark my last pain free day in Spring of 2010. Of course at first the pain was intermittent so I have some reprieve. Since 2019ish it is constant but nothing like these last 6 months. I go back to my doctor March 8th, if she can’t help me, I’ll look for someone else.


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