Simply Six Minutes

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Christine at Stine Writing has given us this lovely picture to use as a story prompt. Visit her blog for the directions on how to complete the challenge.

She tried and tried to get her mommy’s attention. At the ripe old age of seven, she knew she was not her mommy’s priority. Mommy was what daddy called a big wig at the dog show. She wasn’t sure what that meant because mommy didn’t wear wigs. She did know that Mommy spent every weekend looking at dogs. Mommy talked to the dog more than she talked her kids.

Valentine’s Day was coming up. Her mommy had told her she would not be home to share the holiday because of a special dog show. She decided the best Valentine’s present she could give her mommy would be to decorate the dog as a giant Valentine. She was very proud of her decorated dog.

Her mommy came home and saw her prized dog painted like a silly Valentine. She didn’t know if Mommy was going to laugh or cry.


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