Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner #8

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Roger is our host for Flash Fiction For The Purposeful Practitioner.

For as long as she could remember, her parents had assured her that they had been saving money in a college fund. It was finally time for her to verify what they were going to contribute to her educational future. Her grades were pretty good, but not good enough to earn a scholarship.

She waited until her mom and dad had finished dinner to approach the subject. She sat down at the table and cleared her throat. For some reason, the words didn’t come as easily as she they hoped they would. Money was never openly discussed in her house. It was one topic that was avoided at all costs.

She finally got out the speech she had been rehearsing in her mind. She needed to know how much they were going to be able to help her reach her goals. Her father quietly rose from the table and opened the small cabinet above the refrigerator. He pulled out a shoebox and dumped the contents in front of her.

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  1. Years ago, my Mum had a box with various compartments in it. Rent, heating, food were the first three, then there were a variety of others. Hubby had a similar system before we got together.
    As a child, I made money boxes of various designs out of the endless Lego I was given for my birthday or Christmas.

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