Sunday Poser #67 – Valentine’s Day

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What are your thoughts about Valentine’s Day? Do you / did you make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day, or every day is a day dedicated to love?

I realize I am in the minority, but I like Valentine’s Day. I also like Mother’s Day. I don’t feel that setting aside a special day to tell someone you love them, or that you care is a bad idea. Do you love them all the time? Sure. Does it feel like a forced emotion? Not to me.

I think I first loved Valentine’s Day, when my 6th grade teacher told us that it was mandatory to give Valentines to everyone in the class, or none at all. He was great about inclusion. We brought in shoe boxes and he taught us how to use tissue paper to decorate the box. Being, who he was, he brought in extra boxes, in case someone needed one. That practice stayed with me when I was teaching lessons too. 

I know the real history of Valentine’s Day, but it is not what I/we celebrate now. I don’t see it as a mandatory “romantic” day. I see it as a day to let the people you love, know you care thinking of them. I would send my mom treats every Valentine’s day. Her favorites were yellow roses and an Estee Lauder product. I sent my daughters Valentine’s gifts for years and years. Now it’s mostly cards. I spent years making my Valentine’s cards. Making cards is a gift of love and time. 

I don’t need flowers. I don’t need chocolates. I don’t need gifts. I do appreciate the sweet cards my friends send me. I love the messages from grands. It’s all about connections for me. After reading some blogs today, I just might venture out on Tuesday for some after Valentine’s  Day flowers. Gotta love a bargain on beautiful flowers.



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  1. i like it too, and will be celebrating it with my class today, and later with my daughter and family. you’re right, it’s all about connections. happy day to you, lauren –

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  2. Yes, it has become trendy to hate Vday. I did as a kid, but I don’t now. You’re exactly right ~ we can celebrate as we like. If no SO is around, we can shower a family member or a friend or a pet with extra love. And I am a big fan of treating myself!

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