The Unhappy Mother In Law

Can You Tell Your Future Mother-in-Law What to Wear to the Wedding? |  Martha Stewart

As the groom entered the hall, he boasted about how his bride was the most beautiful woman in the room. This upset his vain mother terribly. The agitated mother-of-the-groom decided to make a toast to her new daughter-in-law. She asked everyone to please rise as she prepared to speak. She politely praised the beautiful tables, the beautiful centerpieces, the beautiful bridesmaids, and the beautiful music at the reception. She rudely neglected to mention the beautiful bride at all. Her faux pas was so outrageous, it caused the mother-of-the-bride to faint and fall off her chair.

Sarah from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie has the opposing forces words:
– rise and sink (or fall)         and         – polite and rude
Di gives us the Three Things Challenge words: most, boast, toast



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