The Pareado Challenge – Finding A Friend

Rebecca at Fake Flamingo has invited us to her February Poetry Challenge. I am unfamiliar with this form of poetry, so forgive me if it not correctly completed.

Rebecca says:
Write a pareado about friendship in English or Spanish by Saturday 2/12, noon CST. Celebrate a friend, friendship, or tell us the best way to make a friend. Deadline is Saturday, 12 February. If you are a blogger, please publish your poem on your website and link to this page by 2/12. If you are a poet at large, please post your poem below by Feb. 12. You may choose to write 2 to 10 lines of rhyming pairs. G-rated please. I’ll publish a post with your poems next Monday, February 14!Find Friends Concept Crossword - 3D Rendering Find Friends Concept Crossword - White Background - 3D Rendering finding searching friendship three dimensional shape stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

I searched for someone, on whom I could depend
Someone who was real, who needed not pretend

Was it possible to ask someone to recommend
I required that my feelings they must comprehend

As I worked on my list, I often would amend
It mattered not how long, I finally found a friend

18 thoughts on “The Pareado Challenge – Finding A Friend

  1. I read an article in The Atlantic this morning about late in life friendships and how much we need them. It is harder with the pandemic but so wonderful when we find our tribe.

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