What Do You See? – Before I Die

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For the visually challenged reader, the image shows a black chalk board with a caption, “Before I die” on the top. Below are slots where people can write their opinions.

The life coach stood in front of the group. He had given this speech many times before. He needed to make each person identify their goals.  That required that they knew not only what they wanted, but how to reach their goal. He always started with the group bucket list. This group activity opened the eyes of his clients to more possibilities than they could imagine.

This was their first meeting. It was the first time he had ever worked with this type of group. Behind him sat thirty, terminally ill cancer patients. He wasn’t sure how much time each person had. He would have to help them find ways to reach their goals. His job this time was to be supportive in any way he could, and to seek organizations to help his clients. He never felt so compelled to do his job successfully.


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