Monday Quadrille – Visiting Grandma


Visiting Grandma

Sit down
Eat some food
You are too skinny
Have a nosh with us
Don’t just nibble at the food
You need more than just a snack
There is not enough meat on your bones
You are wasting away in front of my eyes

Today it is Quadrille with Mish hosting at dVerse. 44 words, not including the title. Include the word “nibble” in some form.




24 thoughts on “Monday Quadrille – Visiting Grandma

  1. It’s interesting how this is so common, coming from our grandmothers. Perhaps based on harder times from the past where food was not as plentiful and we were not so obsessed with weight. I remember gorging on milkshakes to gain….definitely not needed now. I like the way you laid out the poem, growing in size from all those snacks! haha

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