A Weekend Quickie From Rory

Rory has offered some quick questions for us to answer.
“Some questions for you and your grey matter!”

1) Do you slurp or spoon eat your noodles? I tend to cut them up and then use a spoon. Slurping was a no-no when I grew up.

2) Is inspiration enough on its own to achieve more success in life? I think you also need to be in the right place and to work hard to achieve success.

3) What’s the worst a violent sneeze could do to you at the wrong time? Ever since I first started driving I have had a fear of sneezing while making a turn. I always sneeze in threes, so I could see great harm coming from repeated violent sneezes. 

4) What do you find yourself thinking about the most currently? Why I rarely sleep

5) Do you think it is essential to love yourself and if so/not – why? I don’t think I actually love myself. I am working hard to treat myself well. I am working on boundaries that are healthy for me. I know some that love themselves to the exclusion of all others and I don’t want to do that either. 

6) What would happen to your world today if you travelled back on your time line and changed an aspect of your life from yesterday? Nothing happened yesterday that I can think of at all. I didn’t do anything, leave the house, or enjoy any creative activity.

7) Are you a skim reader and if so why? I haven’t been a skim reader since college days. Back then, I had to skim to get through all the required reading. Reading for enjoyment is not something I care to skim.




8 thoughts on “A Weekend Quickie From Rory

  1. Good answers Lauren, ah another 3 sneezer. my father used to sneeze 9 times on the trot – that was deadly all by itself!


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