Throwback Thursday Blog Hop – #24 – Commercials and Jingles

It’s my turn for the Throwback Thursday Blog Hop topic. Maggie and I were talking last week discussing possible topics for today. We discussed old commercials from our childhood that we still remembered. It was a very funny, laugh out loud, conversation. We were singing to each other, the commercials we remembered. (Mind you, I have a terrible singing voice so humor was needed.) There were some I remembered that she did not and vice versa. We discussed some that were regional and some that made absolutely no sense at all. EXCEPT here we are all these years later remembering commercials from our youth. Maggie will be back next week with another great topic of her choice.

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This week’s prompt is: Commercials & Jingles
Do you remember any jingles or commercials from your past? Did you repeat them because you heard them so often? Did you and your friends recite commercials you had heard dozens of times? Were there any you particularly liked or disliked? If so, why? Did you ever bug your parents for something you saw advertised on TV as a kid?
Are there current commercials or jingles that appeal to you or do you find them all annoying? Do you think old commercials and new commercials have anything in common? Feel free to add the jingles or commercials if you’d like.

My post follows.
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As a little kid I would get up early every Saturday and glue myself to the early morning cartoons. I was usually the first up because I was, and am still a morning person. Commercial after commercial tried to entice us to buy some sugar cereal, sugar snack treat, or sugar filled beverage. I often hoped my mom would buy the specific junk food I yearned for, but I knew that wasn’t going to happen. It was OK though, because my mom knew where the day old Hostess Bakery Outlet was. My brothers and I were very skinny and Hostess treats were a real go to. Twinkies were OK, but snowballs and chocolate cupcakes were better.

Pink Hostess Snowball - Every now and then my mom would get me these when  we went grocery shopping. Loved them! | Hostess snowballs, Hostess, Retro  candy

I remember when I first started memorizing commercials. I was paid to iron the family garments. (A whole 10 cents an item.) I was glued to the TV for hours at a time. I heard the commercials so often I had no choice but to remember them. It was fun to sing them at recess. (I know. I was a weird kid.)

I searched for the Rambler commercial I sang all the time. I couldn’t find it though.
My girl and I were doing fine, and I thought I made it big.
When a guy in a Rambler caught her eye, and she said Johnny dig.
Now that guy in that new Rambler for my girl he made a play.
And she got out to go with him and I could hear her say,
Creep creep,
creep creep,
Get a Rambler soon you creep.
So I got me a Rambler now and boy I’m doin’ great.
The chicks line up to sign my book and ask me for a date.
If you don’t have a Rambler
You are

We lived near the Cal Worthington auto dealerships. It was fun to see what crazy animals he called his dog spot. I can’t say I ever went to any of them though. Everyone knew the “go see Cal go see Cal go see Cal” commercials.

Oscar Mayer did their best to try and convince us that bologna and hot dogs were necessary parts of our diet. I don’t think they were necessary, but they were part of our diet for sure.

I was never a huge McD fan, sans the French fries. But I loved their commercials. We would jump rope to the Big mac ingredients jingle. 

The Alka-Seltzer commercials were funny. As a kid, I had no idea what it was used for though.

It wasn’t until I watched Bewitched that I ever thought about who writes jingles and advertisements. I remember all the times Darren was stuck trying to make up a commercial to sell some everyday product. I remember thinking about everything I saw and wondering who wrote the ad to sell it. I’ve never seen a commercial for shopping carts, but someone has to sell them. LOL   

Now, I find most commercials annoying. I also find it interesting the number of commercials geared for the oldies like me. They are pushing Medicare, reverse mortgages, funeral arrangements, ad nauseum, all day and all night. 

I’ll just keep singing the fun jingles from the past. How about you?

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  1. People have made TV shows from that here – memorable commercials.

    It won’t mean anything to you but I think the winner was the Hovis commercial. Brown Bread. Still exists, but of course has changed. I think the ad was mid-70s. I remember it. Used a famous piece of classical music whose name escapes me.

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  2. There are so many ways to approach this post, Lauren, so I will post after a little contemplation. I do not remember the Rambler commercial although my dad owned a Rambler at one time. It was a different time for television!

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