JusJoJan – Jan 30 – Prepare

We are closing in on the last days of JusJoJan. Linda has done a great job of keeping us all enjoying the month of prompts. Today’s word “prepare” was provided by Jenny Young.

I believe the Boy Scout motto is to always be prepared. If only I was clairvoyant and could have seen the need to be prepared before the Pandemic struck. Never before have we needed to be more prepared than right now.

To avoid going out in public too often, I prepare my schedule to include mandatory outings with necessary ones. When I have a PT appointment, I’ll hit the grocery store too. The quandary is if I need refrigerated items or not. Do I go shopping before my appointment when there are less people, or after because I can’t leave items in the car? I now prepare my list of needed grocery items ahead of time so I can get in and out of the store as quickly as possible. I insist on never going into a crowded store.

I like to be prepared by having my freezer full and my fridge full of possible menu items. I no longer feel it safe to pop out to a store for a single item I might need. When I get a message that a med is ready at the pharmacy, I plan to pick it up when they open the next day. I will shop for any needed grocery items after picking up the RX.

Being prepared during the pandemic is a necessity for me to feel safe. To keep myself emotionally balanced, I’ve been in close contact with my tribe. I am grateful that I can call and speak with family and friends when I need to.

I will be grateful when I no longer need to be so well prepared.


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  1. Politicians being “prepared” for the pandemic was really nothing more than taking their heads out of the sand.

    Paying attention to other things going on it the world would have been far more productive than crossing fingers.

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