Truthful Tuesday – Covid Has Touched My Life

Frank is giving us a topic for Truthful Tuesday that couldn’t be more a part of our lives right now.

Truthful Tuesday

Frank says:
“My question this week is this: how closely has COVID-19 impacted you? Do you have first-hand experience, or has anyone in your family or immediate sphere of people you meet or see in person been diagnosed, or is it still something that hasn’t breached that third degree of separation for you?”

Covid has hit both family and friends. Sadly, my aunt passed away last January. My neighbors lost their SIL. Christmas Eve my daughter, her spouse, and their three kids all tested positive. All but the youngest was vaccinated. My SIL was totally asymptomatic. Two of the kids had minor symptoms for a day. One was sick for a week. My daughter was sick for five weeks. She just started back at her job yesterday. Her doc wants her to work for two more weeks at home. She is 20 years my junior and the fact that I have all the medical issues she has, plus many others, I do fear how my body would react if I get it.

I have a number of friends who have tested positive. None have needed to be hospitalized though.

I avail myself of senior hours whenever possible. I go early in the morning if there are not senior hours.  I NEVER go out without a mask. I’ve learned to stay in my county to shop when I must go out. Even though the governor has mandated masks for all indoor businesses, the counties around me don’t always enforce it. Here in LA county, they chase you down if you enter without a mask. I LIKE that vey much.

I am in fear of this terrible disease. My spouse and I both have comorbidities. Staying home and isolating is no fun. But, it beats the heck out of possibly risking my life.

City of Los Angeles Vaccine Mandate - Beginning November 8 | Arleta  Neighborhood Council | Making Arleta, CA the Greatest Neighborhood in Los  Angeles. One Day at a Time.

I wish this was for the county and not just the city.


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  1. You do what you need to do to protect yourself especially if you are vulnerable. We’re never going to convenience the entire world to behave in a certain way so the alternative is you have to be careful, and be diligent about your own health. Hugs, C

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