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This post is part of the WordPress Bloganuary Challenge 2022 where everyone is provided with a writing prompt each day. Today’s prompt was to write about a dream you remember.

I’ve enjoyed reading the prompts and blogs for Bloganuary. I haven’t responded to most though because, well…..

Yesterday I was grieving and dealing with more emotions than I felt I could handle. I took my meds early in the hope of getting some sleep. Yeah, not so much. I typically have very detailed and vivid dreams. I often remember one or more the next day. Last night I was awake more than asleep. I kept waking up with strange but not frightening dreams.

The most vivid one was also the silliest. I had a dream that I was in my PJs cleaning the bathroom. My mom came around the door and entered the bathroom. She was wearing flannel PJ bottoms in a fabric I had years ago. It was pink and grey plaid. She also had on an oversized T-shirt. I never made her PJs, so I thought that was weird.

Our conversation was strange to say the least. I asked her why she was there, and did she know she was dead. She said she knew it but wanted to visit. She stood tall (as tall as a 5-foot 2-inch person can) without the hunched over position she had been in for years. I was gleeful at her healthy appearance. I then asked her why she was bald. She said she had been partying and everyone had shaved their heads at the party. We had a short cohesive conversation, and I awoke at 3 AM giggling.

I have not had this type of dream about my mom before. I don’t know if I had the dream because I was missing my mom so much, because I needed a release from the sadness I was feeling, because my mom visited from the other realm, or because my subconscious manifested what I needed. It doesn’t matter either. All that matters is that I had a convo with my mom that made me happy. It was a dream state that I wished lasted longer.

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