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Linda is our wonderful host for JusJoJan. I am thrilled that I was able to get my word prompt in on time. My thought when providing the word prompt was to list some ridiculous things people do that they shouldn’t. Then my focus went back to the serious replies people gave to a prompt given by Dr. Tanya. I have been thinking of the replies for days. It has been unsettling to me. So instead, I chose to look at those responses in a longer than usual blog post.

When Dr. Tanya asked in her 5 Things Challenge, to list things you don’t want to see in 2022 I was very saddened by the answers. Not because they were inappropriate. Far from it. It was because it is ridiculous that we are still having to deal with insane people and horrific events in 2022. As I read responses, I felt like I had nothing to add to Dr. Tanya’s question.

I read Fandango’s first. As I read, I kept saying here here to his answers. Fandango wrote about tRump destroying our democracy. How ridiculous is it that after all he has done, he will probably get away with his lies and deceptions?  Fandango spoke of not wanting to see Republicans take back control of Congress. It is ridiculous that the American people don’t understand that is way more important to vote for the future of our country, than to toe the party line,
Fandango and others posted about not wanting Covid-19 to continue to destroy lives in the world. It is utterly ridiculous that stupid people are still denying that Covid-19 is even real. I had an experience this week with a medical professional that stated that at this point Covid-19 is just another flu. How ridiculous is that?
Fandango then stated about not wanting people to ignore climate change. Anyone with an ounce of intelligence can see the horrifying effects of climate change. It is ridiculous to deny what is happening to our planet and our part in it. The last point Fandango detailed was not wanting Roe V Wade to be overturned. It is ridiculous to think that in 2022 women are to not be in control of their bodies. This is such a stab in the back to women everywhere.

Dr. Tanya’s list included Covid-19 (see above), pollution (see global warming above), our energy crisis, racism, and toxic people. How ridiculous is it that people are denying the devastating effects of man-made pollution on our planet? It is ridiculous that people still judge others by their color, nationality, SES, etc. Why have we not learned? Toxic people are indeed something I’d like to get rid of in 2022. My list of toxic people include anyone who goes along with any of the topics mentioned. Personally, I consider non-vaxers toxic people. Their “opinions” are ridiculous because they not only harm them but everyone in their path of harm.

Melanie’s list included climate change (see above), tRump (see above), stupidity and entitlement in government (see above), hatred of differences in people (see above), and greed while taking advantage of others to get rich.

Di’s list includes things I also agree with. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry topped her list. I don’t know if it is an English thing or an American thing, but IMHO I think it is ridiculous to give time and energy to these people. MPs pay rises, was the second on her list. Again, I must agree that anytime government workers raise their salaries to ridiculous amounts while so many others suffer, is a disgrace. Di’s third thing she’d like to disappear is the energy crisis (see above.)
“Divorced celebrities slagging off their ex-spouses and/or new partners” was her fourth item. I admit to needing to look up the term. I have to agree that there is no reason for anyone to publicly put anyone down. It is ridiculous for people to air their dirty laundry in public. Anti-vaxxers’ made Di’s list too. It is ridiculous that so many people talk about not getting the vaccine because the government wants them too. Do your research and listen to your doctors.

A different look at anti-vaxxers.

Paula’s list hit home for me too. She began with celebrities giving their opinions on everything. I agree with her totally. It is ridiculous to me that anyone listens to celebrities’ opinions on much of anything other than what it is that they are famous for. Paula’s second one is one I deal with every single time I go out on the road. Paula would like to see bad drivers in every form disappear in 2022. I am right there with her. There is something very sad about needing to focus on self-preservation while driving. It is ridiculous how thoughtless people are on the road.  WordPress glitches and changes made Paula’s list too. I fear for my sanity when Classic Editor goes away. It is ridiculous for WP to change things that are working just to mess with us.  Aging pain is the next thing Paula would like to see disappear. I agree with her that Betty White was an awesome example of aging gracefully. Paula finishes up with bugs in buildings. Sorry world, but I agree with Paula. It is ridiculous to me to feel sorry for nasty creatures that make their way into my home.

Off my soap box now. I am hoping to read some fun responses to the prompt.





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  1. An acquaintuof mine (more of a colleague of somone I know) wasn’t getting vaccinated but was finally convinced to go ahead and choose a vaccine, so he did so. It’s odd that he was suspicious, as a tRump fan, when tRump was the promoter of Operation Warp Speed (if I remember the term for the speedy campaign correctly). He caught Covid-19 after he got vaccinated in Arizona. His grown daughter — I don’t know if she’s vaccinated or not — caught it at around the same time but in thre Midwest. She ended up in a hospital, on a ventilator, when he was still testing okay for oxygen levels and not going to the hospital. However, he is now in a hospital. But he’s not on a ventilator! I hope he, as well as his daughter, will come out of it!

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  2. Thanks for the prompt Lauren. Mine is ( hopefully) a funny post. I agree that all these points are very valid. I didn’t write my list because it was more of the same as you’ve mentioned.

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  3. It doesn’t seem at all ridiculous to say that covid is another flu. Not now that we have a vaccine. If you were to compare the death rate for flu, versus the death rate for vaccinated people with covid, I bet they’d be in the same ballpark.

    But, of course, long term damage due to covid (or due to being vaccinated) is not yet known, and that could be the key difference. It’ll probably take a generation to learn that.

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  4. Thank you so much for the excellent overview of several responses to the prompt.

    A fun list would have been interesting as I like to see the humour in most situations. However, there are so many serious issues that we want to see the back of.

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  5. The more the division grows, the more I think having two main political parties is hurting us. (Along with mainstream media’s addiction to conflict.) On a personal note, my son is an antivaxxer. We suspect he and his family all had covid over Thanksgiving, but they did not get tested. I am thankful they are okay now and that we didn’t visit them over that holiday. It’s very hard to talk with him about vaccines and covid, but I still love him and wish him well.

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    1. I get it. My daughter and her family all got Covid at Christmas. Her spouse had no symptoms at all. He had been vaccinated and boosted. My daughter was not boosted and is still symptomatic. My grandkids are all recovered. I understand .

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