SoCS & JusJoJan 2022 Daily Prompt – Jan. 15th

Linda Hill is our host for SoCS and JusJoJan.
Your prompt for #JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “a rainy day.” Write about the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the phrase “a rainy day.”

A rainy day as a kid meant taking off my shoes and walking in all the puddles I could find. A rainy day meant soup and a grilled cheese sandwich when I was young. Those days typically meant popcorn at night too.
In my teen years a rainy day meant I dreaded driving. I had coke bottle lenses and never felt safe driving in the rain. I loved baking cookies on a rainy day. Another chore I actually enjoyed doing on a rainy day was ironing. (I never claimed to be normal)

As a young mom, a warm rainy day meant playing in mud puddles in my back yard with my kids. I also loved to go for walks with my girls in their raincoats and umbrellas. It was such fun to get wet and be silly.

As a teacher, I disliked rainy days. We had to stay in with the kids, which meant no breaks. The elementary kids were much better than the middle school kids though. The middle school kids would scream and run outside in the rain and get wet. They were much more out of control than the younger kids. I will say though that my 6th graders were better behaved than the 8th graders.

On a warm rainy day in the summer as an adult, I still liked to bake cookies. I still liked popcorn at night while watching a movie. I still liked to iron too.

When I had my back patio redone, I had a swing hung outside. I learned quickly that I needed to have a cover put above the swing because the sun was too hot. I ended up picking out the long tin sheets as a cover. On rainy days, I loved to swing outside listening to the raindrops hitting the tin. I would sit out there if it was warm or cold because it was so enjoyable.

We haven’t had much rain for multiple years now. The drought has meant very few days to relish the rain.  Any rainy day is pure joy to me. I don’t usually go out and swing now because my arthritis acts up terribly in the rain. I still enjoy looking at it though. I don’t bake cookies because I love them too much. I sometimes have popcorn. I rarely iron because I don’t buy things that need ironing. Now rainy days mean repeatedly drying Annie before she shakes herself off.



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  1. We remember all too well a dry season a few years ago when we were in the cottage. There was a hosepipe ban on so when it finally rained and we were caught out in a thunder storm, we danced in it. Maggie wasn’t too impressed but we were ecstatic. Until we got home to find our drive under six inches of water. Our door threshold was seven. That was when we found our soakaways didn’t and rectified that ASAP when it stopped. Luckily we didn’t get flooded out.

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      1. We were grateful we were able to act so quickly when it stopped and the following day were outside digging a trench round the house for a French drain. We purchased 150m of drainage pipe as used by the farmers and put that in the trench, then ensured the downpipes from the roof went into it. It was tested a week or so later when again the skies opened and our drive was under water as it also came down from the road. It did the trick and the water was taken away from the house into the back garden.

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  2. As kids we were always out in the rain. The only time we wore raincoats was perhaps to school. I can see spending a rainy day baking cookies, but like you, I enjoy them too much.

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    1. We are in a severe drought right now. We recently had a true rainstorm for the first time in years. It was so needed. We had more rain in that one storm than the entire previous year. We are by no means out of the woods yet. We have limiting mandates about watering our yards. No washing cars etc. All over the news during the recent rain were stories about everyone being so grateful for the rain.

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