JusJoJan January 14 – Freckled

Linda’s JusJoJan for today was provided by Maggie. If you aren’t already a follower pop over to read her wonderful blog. Maggie’s word for today is freckled.

Hardcover Freckle Juice Book

My first thought on the subject was Judy Bloom’s book Freckle Juice. You can read a summary here. It is a charming book about a little boy who desperately wants freckles. His friend was freckled and he admired the look. I taught from this book when teaching 2nd and 3rd graders. Once I moved to the middle school I didn’t think I would ever have any use for the 15 copies I had purchased. I also figured I’d never use the curriculum unit I developed.

Fast forward a couple of years later when I applied for a grant to teach ESL students in the summer. My proposal was to use this easy book and my activities to work with the 10-, 11-, and 12-year-old non-English-speaking students. I got the job, but I was unsure if the students would be bored silly with the book for younger kids.

It turned out to be a hit. I would read a paragraph out loud, then have my students read together out loud and then a different student would read it to the group. It was a very enjoyable experience. This was in the time before computers, so we started with drawing freckles on ditto sheets with simple faces on them. Without making it seem like a lesson we worked on counting, colors, and parts of the face in English. The students were eager to expand their very limited English vocabulary. At the end of the class, I allowed each of the kids to keep the book. We had a fun time that summer.

I had a few light freckles when I was in the sun all summer. I loved them. Now that I know better, I avoid the sun at all costs. No more freckles for me. With 32% of my ancestry from Scotland, Ireland, and Wales, I should have more freckles. I don’t want them enough to concoct some freckle juice though.  

18 thoughts on “JusJoJan January 14 – Freckled

      1. This is amazing! My whole life, I’ve assumed that no one would want to have freckles. My mother used to tell me that movie stars paid money to have freckles added. I guess I didn’t believe her.

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      2. I wanted straight hair in the 60s but have come to appreciate my curls when I can coax them back. I wonder if any of your family members were envious of your straight hair.

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