Throwback Thursday #21 – Sense of Style

Welcome back to Throwback Thursday. Maggie’s topic is terrific this week. I think I could write for weeks on this topic.  Maggie asks that this week we explore how we developed our personal sense of style. If you want to join in, it’s easy:

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This week Maggie’s prompt is: Sense of Style

“This week we are revisiting our foray into fashion and how you learned to express yourself through your outward appearance and adornments.  At what age did you become concerned about the clothes you wore? Did you get hand-me-downs or new clothes? Were any of your clothes made by hand? If so, by whom? Were you allowed to select your own clothes and assemble your own ensembles? At what age did you start buying your own wardrobe?
What fashion fads did you adopt? Did you have certain colors you loved to wear? Were you of the hippie generation of perhaps a child of the 1980s? What was the wildest or craziest outfit you ever wore?
What about jewelry? Did you have piercings? Were they done by you or by others? What jewelry fads so you remember?
Now think about your hairstyles. What cuts did you sport? Did you ever color your hair? Did you try to alter your hair in any other way (cutting, ironing, shaving, curling)?

How has your taste changed over the years? Feel free to share photos if it helps illustrate your look. Have fun!

My post follows: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

I don’t remember clothing being much of a concern as a young kid. I was a skinny bean pole, as they called me. We always had school clothes and play clothes. It wasn’t until my second year of high school that girls were allowed to wear pants to school. I was very aware from a fairly young age that we didn’t have money. I was the only girl so there were no hand me downs. I got summer clothes as birthday presents and winter clothes as Hanukkah presents. At the beginning of the school year I typically got a few outfits, because over the summer I grew so much taller.

Like Maggie, I made clothes for my Barbie. I learned how to use a needle and thread as a very young kid. It was fun to take scraps and make things. Maybe that’s why I still like sewing to this day.

My mom usually picked out my clothes. I think it was 6th grade when I started being a royal pain in the tuchus and refused to wear certain things my mom bought. I never liked frilly or girlie things. I wore a fancy dress only under protest. Simple dresses were my thing, until junior high school. (7th and 8th grade). I had a couple of great friends and we would play models when we were together.

I spent my babysitting money buying clothes I liked. I wore tent dresses. Mine was similar to this one, but much fuller. You could easily have made two dresses from the fabric on this one dress. I wore short dresses all the time until high school. At school we had to have our skirts measures in PE. If the length was shorter than three inches above your knee, you got sent home. I was sent home often. At some point dresses with matching “bloomers” came out. They were awesome. You could hike up the matching bloomers when not in PE and it just looked like you were wearing a mini-skirt. Then for the check-in you lowered the bloomers.
60s 70s Colorful Mini Tent Dress XXS - Pretty Sweet Vintage

I wore peasant blouses and tie dye shirts as a teen. Of course when on a date, the mandatory dress code was hot pants and a halter top. When maxi skirts came into fashion I rarely wore them. I had one I liked though. It was black leather. It would get super hot as the day went on. I’ve hated shoes all my life. I only wear them as necessary. Boots, on the other hand, were fun to wear.

When I wanted my ears pierced the first time, my friends did it for me. One friend put an ice cube on the front and the back of the earlobe. The needle was “sterilized” over an open flame. When the ear was super cold, a potato was held on the back of the earlobe and a needle was pushed through to do the piercing. I am super sensitive and it was always a struggle to sleep with pierced earrings. I got used to it, but over time I would get annoyed and take out the earrings. I would then go to the mall and get then to re-pierce my ears. I can’t count how many times I did that. A few times the front was open, but the back was closed. I learned to jam the starter post through my ear and started the protocol all over again. A couple of years ago I was purging jewelry and since I hadn’t worn any earrings in a decade, I decided to gift my collection to family and friends.

As far as hair goes, I either had a very straight short cut or long hair. I was in my forties before I ever went to an “expensive” hair salon instead of a Supercuts, type of place. I would iron my long stick straight hair in high school. It was the thing to do. In the summer, I would use Sun In to give myself blond streaks.

We were crazy back then, and would drive to the beach and fry ourselves in the sun. I almost always got sun poisoning after a day at the beach. I would blister and peel. When I recovered, I would do it all over again.

Other than earrings, I rarely wore jewelry. I liked jewelry, I bought it, I would wear it a few times, and then stick it in my jewelry box. I have gifted most of my pieces, but for some reason, I still hold on to some items.

There were many hair styles and fashion styles as an adult. I’ve done the neon clothing, the midriff shirts, the jeans every day, etc. Not, I’m all about comfort.


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  1. You were quite the style icon, Lauren. I never heard of the skirts with bloomers. I cannot imagine how they looked. I loved maxi skirts, but leather would have been heavy and hot! My maxi dresses were very similar in style to my peasant blouses. Sun In – we all hoped for those blonde streaks!! I enjoyed reading your post. I, too, could have written much more on this topic.

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  2. Very fun reading your fashion styles over the years. I remember making Barbie clothes, too. Oh those tent dresses! Yes, and like you I never really liked shoes (or socks) and still don’t. haha! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your memories.


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