Fandango Meets JusJoJan


Fandango asked his Provocative Question.
What do you do for a living? If you are retired, what did you do before you retired? If you’re currently unemployed, what did you do before becoming unemployed?

I’ve written numerous times about my wonderful teaching career. I thought for fun, I would make up a fictitious career. Fandango stated that that would be allowed. Then I looked at numerous prompt words, and my brain went another direction. Instead, I am writing a fiction story about working post retirement.

After retirement I was unfortunately thrust back into the working world. The discovery that I did not have enough money to continue to live my life as I wanted, was deeply disturbing. I suppose it was absurd of me to assume that I would never have to get a job again. I foolishly dreamt of living my senior years without the exertion needed to work at a job, with a boss. I had to give up my attachment to my dreams. It was a moot point to hold on to lost visions.

I did not have the luxury to be too particular as to what job I wanted. The implications of this decision were manifold. I applied for job after job, knowing my chances of getting hired at my age, were slim. I finally decided to discuss my options with a headhunter. She informed me of the necessary protocol for interviewing in 2022. I quickly learned that my expectations clashed with what employers wanted to hear.

I had no choice but to redo my resume, bite the bullet, and play the game to get a new job. So, I’d smile when I’d really like to tell somebody off. I’d pretend others know more than I did. I’d accept the role of the newbie.

I was offered three supervisor positions.

John Holton provided Linda with today’s prompt word protocol for JusJoJan.

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