Share Your World 1/10/22

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Doc Holding world

1. Who do you think is an example of a successful person? A person who is happy with themselves and their life

2. Why are you doing what you’re currently doing? Because I am trying to be safe and happy

3. What is your personal theme song? 

4. What do you think about tofu? NO NO NO NO 

GRATITUDE SECTION (as always, optional)

Where did you find bliss this past week?

In the moments of sunshine outside with Annie on the swing. It’s my happy place.


15 thoughts on “Share Your World 1/10/22

  1. Thanks Lauren for Sharing Your World and making me laugh out loud. Yours was the most emphatic tofu comment to date. Hate it then? I haven’t had that much experience with it, in fact only twice having thought about it (that I know of), and both times it was prepared so well that it wasn’t slimy and disgusting (as I’d expect given the texture). Once they even fooled me into thinking it was sweet and sour pork, it was done that well. So there are pluses and minuses. But if we were discussing onions? My reaction would be the exact same as yours! I so enjoyed that response! 🤣 Great answers to all the questions! Have a fabulous week! 🙂

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