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Fandango is our host for the Flash Fiction Challenge.The photo below is from Darius Bashar at For the visually challenged writer, the photo shows a woman sitting at a desk writing something down in a notebook. She’s sitting inside and is framed by a window.

I sat my beautiful antique table for the last time. I read and reread all the escrow papers. I made notes about what I needed to remember for the future.  The countdown  to moving day had begun. I made the difficult decision to move to the country after finally listening to my instincts . My gut said to let go of my past, move forward, and never look back. After all, my divorce was final a year ago.

I no longer needed the rushed cosmopolitan city life. I’d grown weary of the frequent nocturnal business gatherings required for my latest employment. There was always some slimy associate wanting to “help” me home. I had nothing but disdain for their feeble attempts at becoming a part of my life.

It took longer than I had expected to explore new places to live. I typically had more questions than the realtors had answers for. With the crazy prices nowadays, it was tough to find a bargain. I wanted a simpler life. I had no desire to be house poor.  I finally did it though. I bought my perfect forever home. I would leave my past and all my sad memories behind.

I’d already signed on the dotted line. So why is this still so difficult?

Thanks to Linda for the JusJoJan prompt and Willow for the prompt word.
Thank you to all the wonderful bloggers for their prompt words.


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