Write Photo – Antiques or Rubbish?

Antique – Image by KL Caley who is our host for #writephoto.

For visually challenged writersthe image shows a collection of tables, chairs, lamps, baskets, teddies and other objects in quite a busy space.

Oy vey. I promised myself the last time, would be the last time. For reasons unknown to me, whenever a family member passes away I am given all their worldly goods. Some relatives ask me to look for anything valuable for them. Some ask me to keep important items to hand down to the next generation. Some tell me to just trash everything.

In the beginning, when it was my great grandparents belongings from the old country, I was happy to oblige. And then when some passed away suddenly, I wanted to help ease the burden. But now, it is getting out of hand. I’ve rented a showroom just to store all the larger items. My basement is cluttered wall to wall with G-d knows what. 

My system is to first go through the personal things to shred what should not be seen by the public. Then I search for small items like jewelry that might be meaningful to the family. Next, I try to trash old, dirty, or broken items.  Larger items that are worth rehoming or selling are the most difficult to store. It’s really getting out of hand.   

I told my second cousin, when her parent’s both passed away recently, that I would not do this again. I swore, my personal time had to be spent in a better way. All these memories are dragging me down. The family is shrinking far to fast. I never get to sit with my sadness. I am too busy dealing with the junk my family members collected over their lifetimes.   

Yet, here I am again. I’m looking for some space to store more objects. When do I put a stop to this madness? When do I get to live my life in the present? When do I start to take care of me? 


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  1. I bet many end up in this position. My little godmother passed away last year and I was tasked with this job. It’s so hard, wading through someone’s lifetime of treasures knowing what to keep, sell or donate. Brilliantly captured. Thank you so much for joining in with the #writephoto prompt. KL ❤

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  2. I was never given the opportunity for my Dad or my Mum, but Mum had already sorted out a lot of things for me which are up in the roof carefully labelled in her own hand and with so much love.
    The house at the bottom of our garden has been stripped and will be going up for sale soon. They hired a house clearance firm and a skip, then dumped most of what was someone’s life. So sad.

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      1. After Dad died so unexpectedly, she got everything organised so that we wouldn’t have the same problems. She paid for her funeral and chose the music and hymns she wanted years before she died. It’s hard to believe it’s four years ago now.

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        1. It’s been 6 years for my mom. Nothing was expected. I had just a few days to clear out everything fron her house in another state. My focus was on donating things she wanted to go to specific organizations. It was very hard.


  3. I have tried to give those things I value to my children and others now. That way, the things I care about have their rightful home and the rest can be donated to charity when I am gone.

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  4. Your story here may be a bit of fiction, but oh how true it sure is in real life. I’ve somehow been the one to keep everything from relatives that have passed on. I don’t feel right just throwing all their keepsakes away, but our garage is full already!

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  5. Yeah, all my family have too much junk of their own to take on stuff I’ve held from their grannie’s house, however much they’d like to. I got rid of some to an auction house when I moved… but it fetched next to nothing. I should have tried the charities that take furniture – mostly those helping the homeless.
    They’ll be my next stop.
    (and this is why I have so many flash fiction posts about the unearthed treasure/cursed/haunted items)


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