JusJoJan – Jan 4 – Generosity

Linda is our host for JusJoJan and  Sadje  has given the prompt word– “generosity.”

It is because of the generosity of others, that I have reached this joyful place in my life. Some loving family and friends have gifted me with their time, love, advice, and wisdom.

Three years ago, I was buried in grief and sadness. I sought help from a multitude of sources. I reached out to medical professionals to help me recover from what was diagnosed as PTSD. Then, I finally opened up to some women I felt safe with.

The generosity they showed me was life changing. They let me cry. They emotionally held my hand. They did not judge. They understood my pain. They listened as I vented. They helped me heal. And when I was ready, they helped me move out of my depression. They (metaphorically) walked beside me as I sought out gratitude for the good things in my life.  I will forever be in their debt for being so generous.

I’ve always considered myself a generous person. The love and compassion these women have shown me, expands the definition to another plane.


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