JusJoJan January 2nd

Thanks Linda for posting day 2 of Jus-Jo-Jan. The prompt today is going to be an interesting one to respond to.

Your prompt for JusJoJan January 2nd, 2020, is “gobbledygook.” Use the word “gobbledygook” any way you’d like. Have fun!

Sometimes I wake up trying to make a goal for the day. I think about what I should do, and then what I want to do. Now that I am retired, I usually stick with what I want to do. Yesterday was less than a good day. I did a load of laundry, cleared off the kitchen counter, and read some blogs. Then the bad news started coming.

I found out that Betty White had died. Such a sad loss. I was hoping she would make it to her 100th birthday later this month. I went online to get some more information. I read about the tribute they had made for her. I saw that they are still planning to show the program on her birthday. RIP Betty.

Then my daughter messaged me to tell me she had tested positive for Covid. (She had the J&J but no booster) It took the doctors office four days to call and give her the results. They are terribly backed up here. (You can’t get an at home test anywhere.) My two older Z’s are sick too. They have not been tested though.(They each had two Moderna vaccines)  My granddaughter told me they are all going to isolate for 10 days. My SIL works as an LVN in a Veteran’s hospital. He too had just one J&J vaccine. He is tested every Saturday as hospital protocol dictates. I am hoping he will know Sunday morning what his status is.

Other bad family news came in later in the day. I was unable to focus on the conversation and everything being said to me seemed like gobbledygook. I couldn’t make heads or tails from the conversation. I think my thoughts were overwhelmed with the earlier information.

More 100 Gobbledygook Synonyms. Similar words for Gobbledygook.

Today, (Saturday) I had channel 106 on all day. They played nothing but Betty White shows all day. Watching on and off was a good way to remember her. During the commercials I managed to vacuum the house, dust my artwork, get two loads of laundry done, strip and remake my bed, and get the kitchen cleaned up. I didn’t plan on getting so much done. I used the commercials as a motivator.

I believe the cobwebs have been cleared out of my head. I think I am ready to deal with some unresolved issues. I am ready to review my gratitudes for the day before attempting to get some sleep. At least there are no fireworks going off tonight.


16 thoughts on “JusJoJan January 2nd

  1. Hi Lauren so sorry to hear all your bad news, not good is it? I do hope everyone gets over the Covid quickly and without too many I’ll effects. It’s such a shame that Betty White didn’t make her 100th Birthday I am sure it was her goal.
    Sounds like you got a lot done in the commercial breaks…. How long are they?? I hope the year improves for you 💜💜

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  2. Oh, that’s so sad that your daughter contracted COVID. I’m hoping she has a mild case and that her kids won’t get the virus.

    You did get a lot done despite the bad news. Props to you for that!

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  3. It is hard to stay positive when the new year starts on such precarious footing. Positive and uplifting thoughts are so important. Holding healing thoughts for your family. 💕

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  4. Sorry to hear. Hope your daughter’s case is mild and she continues to improve. That’s a lot to process. Sending healing vibes your way. Glad you were able to remain productive through it all. I am going to try your commercial method as motivation next Saturday.

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      1. I’m s sorry to hear. This virus is very strange. I’ve heard of cases like that – asymptomatic and even in one case with friends, their son tests negative but the 3 others have had it twice now.


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