Fandango’s Story Starter

Fandango hosts Fandango’s Story Starter each Tuesday. This week’s Story Starter teaser is:

At first, I thought it was only the dog making noise, but it was actually the dog chasing a skunk. Much to my chagrin, I already knew the consequences if Annie was successful. I opened the slider and yelled at Annie to get back in the house. Her barking got louder and more agitated. 

The noise stopped abruptly. I feared the worst. Annie came to the sliding door, proudly delivering a dead skunk at my feet. As fast as I could, I slammed the door shut and put the cover on the doggie door barring her access.   

I knew the drill. This was not my first rodeo. I called the vet’s office for some Skunk Off. They informed me that it could now be found online so I needn’t come to the office. I explained that I could not wait for a delivery and I was out of my supply at home. Reluctantly, they agreed I could pay online and the bottle would be delivered to me at my car.

Thornell Skunk-Off Shampoo, 8-oz bottle

Annie was not happy about not going with me in the car. She was even more disappointed that I would not let her come in the house. I tossed a few treats outside before departing to get the miracle cleanser.   

As promised, the tech brought out the bottle with no contact. I drove home, put on some old painting clothes (I knew I would have to throw them away) , and donned rubber gloves in preparation for Annie’s treatment. I washed her thoroughly using the Skunk Off. She seemed to prefer the smell, to the bath. She is not a fan of baths. I dried her with an old towel (that would also have to be thrown away) as much as she would let me. She ran around the yard looking for a place to roll around in. 

Poor Annie. I opened the doggie door to my carpeted garage. She was not going to spend the night in the house, for at least three or four days.

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    1. This is a fiction piece based on an experience with another dog years ago. I don’t think Annie could or would kill anything. Now bark repeatedly, heck yes. The other dogs were tired of being teased by the skunks on the other side of our chain link fence. They committed a terrible act of harm to the skunk that invaded our property.

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