Share Your World – Dec 21

Melanie is:  our host for Share Your World each week.
These are ‘festive’ questions this week. That does NOT mean they are to be viewed as Christmas only questions.  Put your own spin on what celebration you engage in.  Thanks! 


  1. What is your least favorite holiday side dish?  I  will not eat yams, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, anything with mushrooms or onions, and G-d forbid Brussel sprouts
  2. What is the ugliest or most tasteless decoration you’ve ever seen? I had a neighbor years ago, that had very old gigantic plastic Santa and reindeer in their yard. The were probably more sad looking, than ugly.
  3. What is a cherished or unusual (either or both) family tradition from your childhood?    I cherish my memories of lighting Sabbath candles with my aunt.
  4. You’re walking down the street, feeling great — what holiday song would be playing in the background? I saw mommy kissing Santa Clause

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8 thoughts on “Share Your World – Dec 21

  1. Thank you Lauren for Sharing Your World! That is a lovely tradition, and from what I’ve read, it is one that is very dear to you. I think that whole ‘sprouts’ thing is an English/UK thing. They sure don’t do that in Utah. Good thing. I wouldn’t eat those either. Or any of the other stuff you listed come to that. I wouldn’t mind green bean casserole IF they took out those horrid fried onions. I saw a demonstration of some being made on John Holton’s SYW, and those people added some more mushrooms, and then what looked like asparagus to give the dish a little more appeal. I’d eat that. 😉 That song is so cute and is indeed part of the background of Christmas celebrations for me! I love the little meme, good job! And pertinent! Have a very peaceful holiday season!

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