Three Things Challenge

Di is our host for Three Things Challenge

The performers were ready. They had practiced their scenes for many months. They put their heart and soul into their acts.  Even though they were not professionals, they looked forward to a wonderful show.

The beautiful costumes were perfectly fitted to each actor. The fabrics and drafting had been donated by an anonymous sponsor. The opening night charity affair had been sold out for a month. The house lights were dimmed and a hush behind the curtain was the real signal that the show was about to go on.

The stagehands were perplexed as they drew the curtains. There were hundreds of empty seats in the theater. Sitting by themselves front, and center, were the entire kindergarten Head Start class from the neighborhood. They had never been to see a play before.

The excitement was beyond wonderful for the cast, the crew, and the audience. A good time was had by all. Some wonderful benefactor had enriched many lives.


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