SoCS December 16 Opposites

I feel like I am living in a world of opposites right now. From silly things to worldly thing, opposites are in play.
Here in Southern California we had some very unusual high temperatures. Now the opposite is happening. We are having nighttime temperatures in the high 30s and low 40s. I don’t like either of the extremes. The low temperatures are not good for my arthritis.     
Because of the frigid temperatures, I went looking for some appropriate winter clothes. The only place I feel safe shopping is the nearby Target store, first thing in the morning.  LA county has had a mandatory mask law in effect for the entire pandemic time. That helps me feel a little better, but I feel the opposite of sage going anywhere else. 
I was hoping to find a coat, as I realized I don’t currently own any real winter wear. You’d think in December, the store would have coats. The opposite was true. They had a selection of swim suits though.   
This was good though because I needed a swim suit. I’ve had five physical therapy sessions so far. This week, I started a different type of therapy. I am doing water therapy in an 89 degree F pool. It is the opposite of the temperatures outside. I was able to do an hour of exercises for my back. It felt great. I was exhausted  for a couple of days after the workout.     
I decided to search my drawers looking for gloves. The mornings are so cold my fingers are locked in a claw position. I ended up finding 6 different left handed gloves. All their opposite partners were missing. I did end up finding one complete set of thing purple gloves finally. They are not the warmest, but at least there are two of them. 
I have been feeling the opposite of  cheerful lately. I had some fun with my family for Chanukah. We shared our love while spending time together. Now that our holidays are over, I have the post holiday blahs.
I am feeling a sense of isolation again with all the horrible news. I feel like Americans are still acting like spoiled brats and by not getting vaccinated, they are doing the opposite of what is right for the world. The horrific news that over 800,000 people have died here, is nerve shattering. I do my best to not watch the news. I have fond memories of years ago when the news programs all had human interest stories about the holidays. Now, the opposite is true. Almost all the stories are sad and depressing. 
Some people I deeply care about, are doing the opposite of bringing me joy. I am trying to keep the emotional pain I am experiencing, from triggering additional physical pain. All my doctors tell me that if I keep my stress lowered, my pain levels will be lowered. There is just so much I can do to not feel emotional pain.   
I am grateful that Annie is the opposite of a loner. She spends all her time by my side. She gives me even more attention when I am down physically or emotionally. Her snuggles and cuddles help us both.   
I hope next year is the opposite of the last two years. I hope my body is in less pain. I hope my loved ones find peace.  I hope I have more joy and less sadness. I hope I can safely see more people. I hope the world starts to care about each other. I hope people spread more joy and less hate. 

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  1. May all your hopes and dreams come true in the New Year! I’m hopeful Lauren, I believe in the goodness of people, we’re just all so exhausted and emotionally drained. I hope you find rest, relief from all the pain, and that something out there makes you smile, xx, C


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