Sunday Ramble Prompt- Dreams

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I saw on Fandango’s post a new prompt. I enjoy answering questions, so I am throwing my hat to the ring.

The Sunday Ramble. is hosted by E.M. Kingston. This week she asks five questions about dreams.

Here are the questions:

  1. Do you dream when you sleep at night? I always dream. Often recurring dreams and often very vivid. The conversations are deep in my dreams.
  2. Do you wish that dreams were portals to other worlds to explore? I sometimes believe my dreams are portals.
    Where would the portals go if you wished for them? I would wish to go back in time to visit my grandparents and I would wish to go into the future to see my grandkids getting married.
  3. If you could talk to anyone in your dreams, who would it be and why? I would talk to family who have left this earth. I would ask them to tell me stories of their youth. I have no idea what all they went through other than a few very sad occurrences.
  4. What is the greatest dream you have ever had? (If you do not dream, share something great that has happened in your life.) When I was twelve, I started dreamed about flying around the world. It felt more like an out of body experience than a dream. I was free from a troubling home environment. The flying dreams coma and go, but they are always freeing.
  5. Do you believe that dreams have a purpose? I do believe most of my dreams have a purpose. When something has hurt me emotionally, I often dream about it until I resolve how I feel about it. In your dreams you can give the right answers, say the right things, and resolve problems you can’t fix when awake. 

12 thoughts on “Sunday Ramble Prompt- Dreams

  1. Hi Lauren! Thanks for joining in on my Sunday Rambles! It’s nice to meet you, and I enjoyed reading your answers. That would be great to be able to fly when you are 12. I always went to Narnia lol. I do believe in out-of-body experiences, especially in dreams. I think it’s where deja vu comes from for the most part. Great answers! Have a great week! I hope to see you next week! *smiles*

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          1. I am as well. I have my Random Word Prompt that goes on daily since December 1, and then I started the Sunday Rambling due to my own rambles that I would post babbling on every Sunday usually. I love topics *smiles* They inspire me.

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