Sunday Poser # 58

Sadie asks for her Sunday Poser “How much thought do you give to your appearance?” 

When I am at home, comfy outfits are my go too. That means loose pants and oversized shirts. In fact, that’s what I wear outside the house too. Part of my medical condition makes anything constrictive very painful. I don’t spend a lot on clothing and name brands are of no importance to me. It’s all about comfort. The part of my appearance that is important to me, is to wear clean clothes. I often work in my garden and get down and dirty. That often means more than one shower a day and multiple clothing changes. There isn’t much thought in what I look like, because the vast majority of my clothing is comfortable, which is what matters to me.

I wear no make-up. I used to wear lipstick occasionally at work, but it never stayed on. LOL. I only use a facial soap when showering. I don’t use creams, moisturizers, or any such products. I am gifted with my mom’s oily skin. Acne still rears it ugly head when I’m stressed or if I eat too much chocolate. 

Because of Covid, I have only gone to the hair dresser once this year and once last year when I could get a first appointment of the day with practically no one else in the place.  My safety is much more important than my appearance. My hair got very long. It was easy to take care of because I just had to brush it and put it in a scrunchy. I had my hair cut a week ago. I love the quick cut she gave me but it is too short to put in a scrunchy. It is always in my eyes now. It looks much better than before. I look more presentable. My hair grows fast so I will be able to pull it back soon enough.

The great thing about being retired is that there are no rules as to what I have to dress like. To me, that means the only important thing about my looks is that I am covered, clean, and never wearing plaids with stripes. Not much thought is required to meet my expectations.



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  1. Thanks for sharing Lauren. You’re looking great and happy. Dressing should be too compliment our personality. Comfortable is the first priority and we are too old to please anyone else but ourselves.

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  2. You and I could be twins! I too hardly ever bother with fashion and make-up, love the comfort of my yoga pants and oversized sweatshirts! I’ve skipped the hair dresser for most of this year, and just, my hair is solid grey, so no urgent need! I do love the casualness of retirement! 💕C

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