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Linda is our host for SoCS. She continues to provide us with great topics that push our creativity. 

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “tree.” Use the word “tree” or write about a tree. Any kind of tree. Enjoy!

I think of trees and I think of how beautiful they are in nature. They provide oxygen, homes for critters, shelter , and shade. Trees are such a valuable resource. When I was teaching about renewable and nonrenewable resources, my students would question which category to put trees in. It is actually a tricky answer. A resource is considered renewable if you can replace it at the rate which you use it. Technically, that makes trees non-renewable because we are using more than we are replacing. It is a sad state for the trees and humans too. 

I love pictures of trees. Photos, as well as paintings of trees, make me happy. My favorite artist, Eyvind Earl, painted a piece called Towering Oak. I had the privilege’ of  seeing the original, decades ago. It filled me with awe. The picture below, of the art piece, does not do it justice, but it gives you the idea. I do own different serigraphs by Earyl. The trees in his pictures are what draw me in. 

I  enjoy taking pictures of the grandkids by trees. It gives some perspective of their growth. Adding beautiful children and beautiful trees together is a win, win, for me. 

When I think of trees, a go to for me, is the tree of life. This free clip art makes me happy.

I am proud to say that every flower, plant, and tree in my yard was planted by me. My jacaranda trees are joyful because of their wonderful purple petals. When I added the lovely trees with yellow flowers I had the perfect combination .

My trees bring hummingbirds into my yard. While the jacaranda blooms seasonally, the yellow tree blooms all year. Two days ago, before our miraculous rain, there were two hummingbirds on my tree. I was outside on my swing and thanked them for visiting.   

Trees are a common topic in poetry also. While Shel Silverstein’s book The Giving Tree, has created a great deal of controversary, it is a well written tale. IMHO

I remember seeing an HGTV show where a family built their home around a living tree. I’m not quite sure how the tree could continue to grow without disturbing the foundation of the house. The idea is terrific though. 

I think the one thing I can draw fairly well, is a tree. I was taught somewhere (probably in school) to start with a capital Y and go from there. It made me stop drawing lolly-pop trees.

I think of trees every time my mailbox is full of junk mail. I wish I could write, return to sender, on all that c**p, and mail it back. Maybe they would stop sending to me after they got the message. (One can hope) 

A last thought on my streaming mind is a memory of a teacher that made a huge “tree” in her classroom out of crumpled brown butcher paper. Every month, she would have the students create something to add to the tree. It was a beautiful sight.

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  1. I am a tree lover too, I really enjoyed this post! What trees bring in hummingbirds? I might need one of those! And The Giving Tree, an all time favorite of mine! Here’s to tree huggers everywhere, C

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