Throwback Thursday – # 16 Enjoying Art

It’s my turn to try and have you look back into the recesses of your mind. Maggie gave us the terrific topic last week of fantastic things we remembered. My choice this week for the topic on our  Throwback Thursday Memory Blog Hop is enjoying art. Maggie and I rotate posting this challenge every Thursday. Participation is easy. If you want to join in, you can…

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From the time we are little kids we like to create things. Children from all cultures make art. Our art quickly becomes a way to express who we are.  At its best, art is a way to express your feelings and thoughts. Art can calm us, excite us, and reflect what we are feeling.

Art is not only what you make but also what you appreciate and enjoy. Art can be a collection or a piece of whatever brings you joy. I’d like you to think about the feelings you have about art. These are some options as to what you may want to write about.

Did you, or did you collect every piece of art your children/grandchildren ever made? Do you collect art pieces that bring you joy? Do you look for calendars that have beautiful pictures because they are a treat to look at? Do you prefer journals with beautiful art on them?  Do you enjoy going to art festivals and/or museums? Do you collect anything specific? Do you have special pieces of art other than paper items?  Do you have an artistic talent? Have you ever taken classes to improve your art? Is there an artist you would love to meet? 

My response follows:
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Like every kid, I was always drawing. I never had much talent and even stick figures were a challenge to me. I turned my lack of artistic talent into a lifelong fear of creating art. I rarely volunteered to draw anything. But, I loved viewing art. I would look at art books in the school library. I never checked them out because I figured I would be teased by my older brother. It didn’t bother me much until a teacher would ask for a drawing or some other artistic creativity to accompany some assignment. It seemed unfair to judge my intellectual  abilities by my artistic abilities.       

When I started teaching, I often required my students to add artwork to their assignments. Without fail, I would be asked if their artistic ability counted on their grade. I would always draw a dinosaur on the white board and tell them, they must draw better than I did to pass. They would laugh at my drawing and sigh a huge sigh of relief.  I liked making them enjoy the process more than the product. There have been many talented artistic students in my career though.  Some even went on to art school. 

When I was in college I was FORCED to take a music class. I had to play a simple song on the piano at the end. I learned to read notes. I learned the black and white keys. I learned about music theory, but playing the piano was painful for me. I learned to appreciate the artists who create songs and played instruments more than ever.   

My grandparents had a few art pieces in their home. I sadly never paid much attention to them. What I did enjoy were the family pictures all around. Those were pure art to me. My aunt and uncle had art on all their walls. There were many pieces that I could stare at for hours. They would take me to art museums which was an amazing gift to me. There are quite a few wonderful museums here where I live. I have learned to appreciate a great variety of art.

When I moved from my small house to the house I am in now, I wanted to fill the walls with art. I actually bought a piece of art before I bought a couch. I often purchased calendars I liked produced by artists I admired. I would frame the pictures to fill a wall. It was/is an easy way to have art I enjoyed on my walls. My sewing room is filled with prints and calendar pictures from an artist I love.   

I have been scrapbooking for many years. I never thought of it as art. It’s only been the last few years that I have grown to realize, it is a different kind of art. While I cannot draw, I can be artistic. I decorate bowling balls for my garden. I create quilt tops that are not as polished as others, but they are art to me. I sew clothing and household items which are artistic to me. I do wall treatments that are unique to me. I am grateful that I am able to be artistic in other ways than drawing.

Art is very important to me. Every room in my house has some type of art that I enjoy. 



26 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday – # 16 Enjoying Art

  1. I love drawing but…sigh..I am not good at it. My love for art appreciation first surfaced with a book of paintings by The Group of Seven ( a group of Canadia n painters) That love has only blossomed over time.
    Great share. I enjoyed it. Cheers.

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    1. Thanks Suzette. I am familiar with the Group of Seven. When visiting my spouses family, in Toronto, we visited art museums. I fell in love with their art. I bought a book of their art as well as a box of blank cards with their art. Their work is beautiful.

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        1. I’ve been busy with good things like Hanukkah, difficult things like physical struggles, and emotional things like my mom’s birthday. She would have been 91 years old. I know you understand the angst of missing a loved one. My body flared before my mind knew why I was so emotional.


  2. Life is art. Some is sparse and utilitarian. Some is unconscious. And some is overflowing… one just has to pause and look. And you did draw the dinosaur. How much you decide to simplify, refine, or embellish it is purely a matter of taste an style. PS don’t forget to sign the next one !

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  3. Lauren, your creative endeavors are indeed art! Your yard, too, is such an expression of what you feel inside! Like you, I love the art created by others. Seeing what others express can make me feel emotional. Great prompt this week. It looks like many people really enjoyed it.

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